Blong Yang

Keeping the American Dream Alive

Blong Yang smiling next to a window

As a business owner and employer, you learn how government can affect families’ lives. After 2020, I knew I held the responsibility of my family as well as employees and their families in my hands. I watched our government try to implement policies that would wipe out small businesses if it were not for conservative leaders standing in the gap.

I want to go to Madison to represent the 18th Senate District as a principled conservative business leader who understands the consequences of the laws and policies that come out of our Capitol. We need a leader with experience, a leader who honors and respects families’ paychecks. A leader who moves government barriers to small business success and fights the political agendas that take power away from families and hands them to the state.

Blong Yang signature in blue cursive font
Blong Yang and his family

Blong Yang’s Story

Blong Yang’s story is one of true, American success. The child of immigrants, Blong was born in Laos in 1970. His family fled the war-torn region at the end of the Vietnam War and ended up in a refugee camp in Thailand. Blong’s family lived there for several years until, when he was just 8 years old, Blong’s parents got a chance to send him to the United States. Even though they couldn’t be sure if they would ever see him again, they made that choice so Blong would have a shot at a better future.

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