Giving Us Room To Dream

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Creating Business Opportunities

As a business owner, Blong Yang knows entrepreneurs put everything on the line to make their dream a reality. Blong will cut through the red tape and get rid of political agendas like the Green New Deal that destroys small businesses. Blong will prioritize educational opportunities that will address the growing need for a skilled workforce.

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Empowering Students Through Education

Blong Yang will empower parents to have a say in their children’s education and future. Blong believes parents and teachers should act as partners in a student’s academic journey. Blong will work to expand that partnership to include local businesses, so children graduate with the skills they need to enter the workforce.

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Protecting Public Safety

Law enforcement is critical to public safety. Blong Yang wants to ensure our men and women in blue have the funding they need for training and equipment to combat the deadly drugs coming into our communities, like fentanyl. Supporting our law enforcement puts criminals on notice and will keep our neighborhoods safe.

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Making Government Work for Us

Blong Yang believes the best way government can serve our communities is by limiting its size and mission. He will fight back against big government. Blong wants state government to create a culture of partnership and act as a resource that can help our communities succeed.

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Ensuring Election Integrity

As a first-generation citizen and voter, Blong honors and respects our right to vote. He believes every legal vote should count. Blong Yang will support election reform laws that target the abused “Indefinitely Confined status” law and end ballot harvesting. Voting should be easy for all Wisconsinites but hard to cheat.

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Valuing Precious Life

Every life is a gift. Blong Yang will expand opportunities for expecting mothers to get the support they need to welcome a baby into this world and support a culture of life. Blong will be the check on Governor Evers' ambitions to expand abortion services and 3rd trimester abortions.

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Lowering Taxes

To compete for talent and grow our economy we need to reform our tax structure. Blong Yang will fight to reduce the tax burden for working families; he knows we need to combat the skyrocketing inflation by letting you keep more of your paycheck.